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“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”

– Charles M. Schulz

confectionswonderland is almost always perfect, but on the drizzly darker morning i head down to my local chocolaterie for a little boost. it really is a truely magical place with the most fabulous chocolate of all time. my chocolaterie is free trade and organic. they hand make divine confections filled with scrumptious local flavors.

my husband and i stumbled upon our chocolaterie during a neighborhood summer street fair. i love living in our little neighborhood, and once a year we are able to wind through the streets by the canal window shopping all of the little stands of local farmers, artists, chefs, and more. hand made hats, scarves, and gloves as well as vibrantly dyed hand spun yarns are available. the most beautiful hand made jewelery, blown glass ornaments, and hand made pottery brighten the street. for the sense of taste, there is local honey, hand pressed cider, artisan cheese, breads and organic pastries and cakes. walking out of this fantasy in somewhat of a daze, we trotted along the canal for a little break when we noticed a new store open. i’m so thankful that we decided to explore that day because chocolate has never been the same for me since!

the chocolatier was an adorable woman who cut up as many samples as we wanted to try. we had chocolate with a mint ganache, made by infusing full fresh mint in cream over night. we had a local seasonal chocolate with a raspberry ganache, scotch chocolates (my husband’s favorite), and chocolates infused with earl gray and jasmine teas. we tasted spicy chipotle chocolates, and classic dark chocolate confections. we were hooked, immediately.


when we married three or four years later, we contracted our chocolaterie to create our wedding favors. small, two piece boxes filled with a raspberry chocolate and an earl gray tea chocolate, two of our original favorites. of course, our chocolaterie has grow quite famous of late, and their chocolates are available in a number of local and national stores. they have, now, in addition to confections, chocolate bars, cocoa nibs, and, my favorite, a chipotle spice sipping chocolate. local bakeries create cupcakes with their chocolates, and local ice-creameries create ice-creams with their chocolates. everyone knows them now. it’s not really any longer the tiny, one person shop front it was when we first stumbled in, in a sensual daze, and tasted, as the cocoa tree is named, “the food of the gods.”

websippingromanticcelebrate, love, chocolate. a fantastic mantra. i feel like i can do all three on a lazy sunday evening, when all that stands between my weekend and the work week is one night of dreamy sleep. to soak up these last few hours of sunday… to hang on to that sense of coziness at home, i enjoy a demitasse of sipping chocolate, the parisian way: topped with unsweetened whipped cream, to cut the intense, dark chocolate taste. sipping our chocolate and gazing out the window while people on the street hurry home with groceries, or return from the laundry mat, to prepare for another week, i taste the richness of life worth living, and the thousand little pleasures that make life rich.

theo sipping chocolate

3 oz of milk

1 0z of half & half

organic whipping cream

4 tablespoons of theo chipotle spice sipping chocolate mix

using a whisk heat the milk, half & half, and chocolate together in a sauce pan until thick

whip the cream in a chilled metal bowl with a hand mixer, do not add sugar

serve chocolate in 2 oz demitasses and top with a dollop of whipped cream

enjoy during a quiet moment with a good friend

check out my chocolaterie: http://www.theochocolate.com/

what is your favorite kind of chocolate?