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A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.
-Christian Dior

this morning, despite running a few moments late, i paused to apply a few spritzes of perfume to my wrists. after a rough night studying, i needed a little scented pick-me-up. and, it worked. a little spay of a good smelling perfume triggered memories i have associated with those smells. i felt a little better as i dashed out of the house to try to catch the morning train to work.

perfumes are associated with decadence, with royalty, and exotic places. to be short, they can make all of us feel like royalty. they come in a million different varieties, and each one smells a little different on every person who wears it, making innumerable scents. some prefer to have a signature scent, and some prefer to have several that can be associated with seasons, moods, or events! and everyone has heard that scent can be a powerful memory trigger. in fact, in high school i once tried to wear perfume while studying, and then the same perfume at the test. that didn’t work too well for me, but maybe i should have studied harder.


one perfume that i will always associate with the early days of courtship with my husband will be burberry brit. it was running a massive unveiling campaign the first year i visited his home town on the east coast. while out and about i got a promotional ribbon that was sprayed in the perfume, which i kept in my wallet for a few months. at our next gift giving event, he presented me with a bottle of eau de toilette that i had for the next few years, in fact, i just used up the last few drops the other day. it’s a perfect scent for the winter time, spicy, warm, and heavy.


when my brit ran out, i was a little torn about replacing it, and trying something new. on a very short shopping spree on a stop over on the way to vancouver bc, a bus full of my girlfriends headed towards a bachelorette cruise spent about 10 minutes in a duty free shop during before going through customs. girls scattered to pick up wine, chocolates, and perfumes…luxury goods. i spritzed several before i came upon burberry’s beat, which is a bit less dramatic, and lighter than the brit. with only a short time to make a decision, i impulse purchased it, and came to regard it as a fantastic purchase! while i loved the brit, it was very heavy and sometimes overwhelming. beat is a little more urban, a little sweeter, but still a great and classic scent, and really good for any time of year.


another one of my all-time favorites is dior’s j’adore. i first discovered it during a convening of friends before heading out to a dressy event. my perfume had worn off and so my lovely friend let me use some of hers. while she had a healthy array, i landed on the j’adore and i had to have some. it is a very classic, very sophisticated and very floral scent. the only issue i had with it is the mixing of j’adore and burberry brit on my coats and sweaters was not a very nice scent, and i had to be careful about which coats i wore with which perfumes.


miss dior cherie is a scent that i adore, and my husband hates. frankly, it reminds me of the strawberry shortcake brand shampoo i used to use as a little girl. the mix of scents, strawberry, caramel, and rose, etc, is playful and light, perfect for the spring time. it is fun and feminine, and reminds us to let the little girl in us rule once in a while. i have only a very small size, since my husband frequently proclaims his hatred of this scent. but i find it enchanting, and reminiscent of a day at the carnival.

Nanette Lepore Original

nanette lepore’s signature scent smells like fresh raspberries. it is similar to miss dior cherie, and comes in a seriously enchanting pink polka dotted box, and a sweet bottle adorned with a black and white ribbon. the scent, though, feels a little more sophisticated than miss dior, and the raspberry scent is complimented with other florals for a more adult, more grown-up finish. it’s a good daily scent that can be worn year round.

fig apricot

another contribution to my perfumery from my husband is fresh. fig apricot. it is a very light, very natural scent, that smells a little spicy, a little sweet, a little smokey and reminds me of the leaves turning in autumn each time i put it on. it is a perfect autumn and winter scent, that is spicy but not heavy, and never gives me a headache or feels overwhelming. another plus is that it is relatively inexpensive! and, i suppose, that my husband likes it very much.


finally, one of my all-time favorites, is carthusia i porfumi di capri’s mediterraneo. what it smells like is the air in a lemon grove on the island of capri. it is citrus, without the sweet, and a mix of lemon and mediterranean salt sea air. i love to wear this scent every day in the summer time. it was the first perfume every produced on the island of capri it’s said that in 1380, queen giovanna d’angio visited capri unexpected and the father prior of the monastery of st giacomo quickly put together a welcoming bouquet of flowers.  the flowers were kept in a vase for three days and the water in the vase became scented in an unusual but beautiful way. the father prior and father alchemist studied it and it became the garofilum sivestre caprese, the first perfume of capri.

it reminds me of visiting capri with my family and our friends who live in milano. when i wear it, i recall the boat trip from napoli to capri, walking around the twisted pathways and the envy i felt for the inhabitants of the darling little homes. it reminds me of purchasing lemoncello, eating italian ice, sunshine and how blue the water was. of really, thousands of details that make up how perfect capri is. this is the perfume i applied this morning to ease my cloud of negativity, and it really did. because regardless of the day, i can always dream i am back on capri!

what is your favorite perfume?