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I feel about airplanes the way I feel about diets. It seems to me that they are wonderful things for other people to go on.

-Jean Kerr


i must admit that i hate flying on airplanes.

that being said, i love airports. and, honestly, i am not sure why. it could be dualistically the anticipation one feels as they set out on their next big adventure, and the feelings of warmth one feels as they return home from abroad. airports feel…international…they beat with potential and excitement. airports feel important…a portal into the rest of the world, physically connecting my city with the other great cities out there, and some that are far and in between.

i have heard it said that getting there is half the fun, and i enjoy myself up until the point that i have to board the plane. so i am forever looking for ways to make a flight more enjoyable. laptop-played favorite movies, and re-reading engrossing, favorite books.

i also love to distract myself with food.

for me getting on a plane, train, or any other manner of transport is building a comfortable little home for several hours. so i like to bring representations of home and comfort with me: a cute traveling bag, a favorite book, a pencil case stocked with pens, and a journal, but most importantly, food i would like to eat. i can trick myself into thinking an airplane is a picnic in the sky.

airplane fooda plus of the budget reductions airlines have had to conduct is that airplane food is no longer free, and therefore, you don’t have to feel bad about not eating it. i can’t say that i don’t love the individually sized, cute, condiments and compartmentalized food, but i am grateful that airports have started to stock delicious and fantastic, easy traveling, and sometimes healthy food for the reluctant traveler.

my city’s international airport now boasts some fun shopping and a great food court. there is a wine shop with tastings, flights, and pairings. an anthony’s restaurant. a dilettante chocolaterie, where my husband and i enjoyed a lemon bar and a fantastic dark hot chocolate together before our plane boarded on one of our travels. best of all, one of my favorite cafes, dish d’lish by kathy casey, has a “food to go” kiosk in the airport. dish d’lish has fantastic sandwiches, delicious salads, and wonderful jewel oatmeal cookies. they also boast customizable ice teas and lemonade’s that are sealed and sold with bubble-tea straws. everything is vacuum sealed in airplane friendly cups. grabbing a cup of dish d’lish cous cous NW salad…with crunchy hazelnuts, apricots, vegetables and a lemon thyme dressing… is almost enough to tempt me on to an airplane. pack it away with a cup of seasonal fruit, a NW berry lemonade, and a jewel oatmeal cookie…and i’m sold.

NW Table High Res Coverkathy casey focuses on NW ingredients and recipes, and i enjoy reading her cookbook. i found it at a university bookstore for $10.00 and it is one of my best finds. while her cookie recipe is in there, alas, the cous cous is not. regardless, i have to admit that i feel much cozier in a metal box suspended thousands of feet in the air than i could have possibly though because i have the anticipation of a delicious snack.

what do you do when you have time to kill at an airport?

you can check out dish d’lish and dilletant here: