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She had the loaded handbag of someone who camps out and seldom goes home, or who imagines life must be full of emergencies. -Mavis Gallant

pear purse

offer me a prada, burberry, or channel purse and you will have my eternal devotion, but, let’s be honest. that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. and who can afford it, right? try on something new with a different kind of “designer” bags… designed,  hand crafted, or made by local artists! or not. but try something different and unique!

above you can see one of my all time favorite purses. it’s my pod purse that i keep in the larger totes that i bring to and fro the office each day. the pear purse by marimekko is a great purse all year round… light and whimsical. i love marimekko designs… a scandinavian design company, and have been a fan of their work since i stared at the bedsheets of my childhood room at about 2 years old. my mother decorated my nursery, and my brothers, with marimekko patterns and it has been a life-long love.


i found this designer at a local music festival selling her beautiful, hand screened bags. her prints are based on her own artwork, and she sews her bags on an industrial sewing machine–making them durable even when dragging around a million books for school. she also designs a line of housewares that are adorable!


my daff bag is probably one of my all time favorites. made in germany, mine is dark charcoal gray and i use it during the winter months. it is made with industrial merino felt and can carry anything you can put in there. it has long enough handles to tote around comfortably, even over layers of winter clothing, and stands on its own when you set it down. it even has a super cute cell-phone holder. comes in a variety of bright fun colors!

persnickity designs

i haven’t been able to find a website for persnickty designs–i am wondering if they went out of business! i met the owner at a street fair in my neighborhood, and at the time she was based out of a smaller college town about an hour north. her designs are simple and cute–bold, with fun shapes, flowers, polka dots, cherries, rocket ships… very cute designs and perfect for the rainy season as they are all vinyl.

queen bee

queen bee is a northwest classic. i don’t actually own a queen bee bag but i have always lusted after their designs. wonderfully simplistic vinyl designs–some bags with vintage records on the front–and in a great variety of sizes from toting around town to packing up some serious stuff for the day.

what’s fun about bags is that they are a nice way to express yourself–they don’t have to be overly formal, changed to match your outfit (though that can be fun t00!). they don’t have to be expensive. they can be colors you’d never wear as a shirt or a dress–and they never get “too small” nor will you need to worry about them “fitting” if you gain weight! perfect accessory, useful, of course, and a delicious way to display your artistic tastes!

check out my favorite bag designers:

marimekko: http://www.marimekko.fi/eng

appetite: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5006678

daff: http://www.daff-feelfilz.de/html/english/bags/01.html

persnickity designs:  http://www.persnickitydesign.com/

queen bee: http://www.queenbee-creations.com/?gclid=COmPxOa6n50CFRZeagodxjra_A