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it’s like through shopping, somehow we found a new focus and our moods get uplifted. what we can’t solve in real life, we solve it through retail therapy.


i love the feature on amazon.com that allows someone to make a “wish list”–it’s almost like shopping, but without having to spend all the money! here are a few items from my wish list:

my husband and i both love bright colors, and european made kitchen supplies. we have to negotiate, usually, because my husband’s signature color is orange, and mine is apple green. the peugeot malaga salt and pepper mills fit us pretty well. i gave in in this case and went with the orange. i’m sure i will be able to make them fit into my lemon yellow/apple green kitchen scheme for the future when i will have my own kitchen. =)

color scheme aside i simply can’t resist these miniature emile henry pie pans they are super adorable, lacy, and would be perfect if i ever did try to bake savory pies individually. my understanding is that i can just cut a piece of puff pastry over a filling and stick them into the oven. these would be perfect.

the picnic basket is here because i think it’s super perfect, and super romantic. i’ve been toying with the picnic basket since my husband took me out for our first wedding anniversary. despite recovering from a broken leg, he took me to a local waterfall, and we hiked down a trail to the base, where we enjoyed our favorite gourmet sandwiches from tubs subs. he wasn’t able to find a picnic basket on such short notice, but did pack everything into a basket, along with purchased plastic wine glasses and a bottle of champagne. this one looks like it could be strapped to a back and go easily up and down the trail for future romantic picnics.

when i was in london this fall, i walked by the fountain restaurant in piccadilly circus. we did not go in because the place looked very much out of our price range–but i did stare longingly into the window. upon our return to our city, i looked them up on the internet, only to find that i had passed up a place that had been there since 1707. i was a little devastated. but all can be forgiven if i could just get my hands on some of their signature blend tea. my good friend recently purchased for me a travel-tea-brewer-cup. i am anxious to find some delicious loose leaf tea to try it out with.

additionally, i would need the piccadilly  biscuit selection (in the gorgeous tin) to eat with my tea. i’d want to do it all the way.

i have one of samuel dong’s bubble trench coats–and i love it. i thought i might branch out by getting one of his taffeta ruffle coats probably in black. his coats are so pretty you won’t want to take them off. they are light, and comfortable and elegant–as well as flattering.

i have papaya’s birds and blooms calendar for 2009 and i’m ready for my 2010 version! the calendar is on heavy cardstock, flat paper, so that you can write on it with a pencil. the illustrations are touched with glitter and after the month is over are perfect for cutting out and making cards with!

after watching a chef at sakuma brother’s farm making fresh pico de gallo with williams of sonoma’s professional multi-chopper i have lusted for one. my husband and i love to make fresh salsas in huge batches for potlucks and summer fun. we mostly hate cutting up the onions and tomato by hand, but we hate using a food processor (we think it alters the taste of the salsa) and this little gadget makes it all a breeze! my husband’s signature black bean salsa would be so easy to make with this dohicky.

black bean salsa

black beans

diced tomato–fresh! any variety

fresh peppers–poblano, jalapeno, ancho


diced red onion


chopped cilantro

mix all ingredients together in a large bowl. squeeze lime juice into mixture

allow it to sit overnight for best flavor–

or enjoy immediately with your favorite chips–

or use as a nacho topping with cheese, sour creme and anything else you like on there.