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You can map your life through your favorite movies, and no two people’s maps will be the same.
-Mary Schmich

i am ashamed to admit that while i consider myself to be a fan of both classic movies and audrey hepburn, i watched “breakfast at tiffany’s” for the first time last night. of course, it was fantastic. the costumes, the feel, and the story. characters, and audrey, of course. maybe it was the cold medicine, but it gave me nostalgic feelings for the days when i would stay at home, sick, from school and watch movies that made me feel a little better. on sick days, i would bundle up in my flannel night gown, with socks on, and bundle in front of the tv on the couch with my favorite blankets and pillows. i would drink chamomile tea endlessly as my mom poured cup after cup, and then have chicken soup with toast. in fact, tea and toast are my favorite comfort sick foods.

breafast at tiffany’s might be my current favorite in the “stormy outside” movie category. though this isn’t something i necessarily enjoy doing while i could be outside, or out and about, some movies are great for days when one doesn’t feel quite like leaving home, or changing out of nightclothes. or, when one is sick. suffering from a post-holiday cold, i have been holed up on my living room couch for several days, drinking tea. after exhausting the harry potter movies, i began the search for cozy movies that would make me feel good.

“love actually” is one of my favorite wintertime movies. i actually had a cold when i went to see this in the theater when it came out several years ago. maybe that’s why it’s a favorite to watch while sick. most of all, i love watching it now that i’ve been to london, while the memories are somewhat sharp, and remembering all the places shown in the movie. i guess, further, i just love the ways the sweet stories intersect with each other, and over-the-top romance.

speaking of colin firth, i hold that the best version of “pride and prejudice” is the a&e miniseries starring colin firth as mr. darcy. i used to watch this movie at sleep overs with my best friend in high school. we would light vanilla candles and sip hot chocolates until 3 or 4, enjoying a slice of jane austen.

i watched “anne of green gables” pretty much every winter (and summer) growing up. my parents still have my double VHS set of both “anne of green gables” and “anne of avonlea,” which are very worn and i’m sure the tape is almost worn out. i haven’t watched it for several years, but am hoping to procure both movies to watch this winter on DVD. the movies played a huge part in my childhood–playing anne of green gables, going to “anne of green gables” parties with other little girls, going together to see the play, knowing every line by heart, and eventually wanting to grow up to be a teacher. the movies remind me of taking tea with my mom’s friends while reclining on indoor white wicker furniture.

one of my favorite books as a child was “a little princess.” i watched this version of the movie several times while in elementary school, and the feel of it is beautiful. the british-indian flavor of the story, and especially the scene where sarah’s attic is fixed up and made cozy–and the spinning of tales and stories, imagining a better life. it all feels so wonderful to watch.

my middle school favorite was “the englishman who went up a hill but came down a mountain” as the depiction of village life in wales was just too fantastic to get over. i found the story sweet and straightforward, with a delicious quirky aspect.

there are a million other movies that i like to watch when i’m sick–i think this category of movie is so different from all time favorites, movies to watch with friends, or movies to watch on other occasions. sick movies make one feel cozy, comfortable. they are like comfort food in that they nourish the parts of you that feel weak, and leave you feeling stronger, better, and more comfortable. they are perhaps not movies i would enjoy watching on a sunny day, or movies that i want to watch with people socially. but they are wonderful, none-the-less.