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Sweet Perrin (winter seasonal)
Fresh Bosc pears, roasted hazelnuts, and figs make this bread a true winter treat. This naturally sweet, yeasted bread, topped with a “crackle” glaze is popular among local chefs. Serving suggestions include pairing with a high quality Stilton, or Gorgonzola and prosciutto– simply divine.

-essential baking company website

i felt a little sad today when i realized that my favorite local bakery, the essential baking company, has a bread known as “sweet perrin” (one of my favorites), but it is only seasonal! it is a delicious, dense bread filled with chunks of fresh pear, roasted hazelnuts and figs. while you might enjoy this bread, as the bakery suggests, my favorite thing to do with is is making french toast.

i actually bought the bread because i thought it might go with a batch of asian-pear syrup i made this summer. my aunt has a tree that produced a bunch of small little pears. i juiced them, added lemon juice, and made them into syrup. my french toast recipe incorporating sweet perrin bread is pretty simple–but delicious and a fun twist on a classic:

sweet perrin french toast

slice sweet perrin bread

whisk egg batter and add in cherry balsamic vinegar

soak the sliced bread in the egg batter and fry in olive oil

serve the toast hot, topped with crumbled goat chèvre and asian-pear syrup

let everything melt together for a moment before you take your first bite.

experiment with the concept as you like!

check out the essential baking company!