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The Popsicle, referring to a frozen treat made of ice and flavoring on a stick, is the common name in the United States and Canada. If you were in England or other British territories, you would ask for an Ice-lolly. In Australia, it is referred to the icy pole when ordered. –scott byers

scott beyer’s above quoted web-article informs me that popsicles are perfect for anyone who is watching their weight.

that’s me. that’s always me. (even if it doesn’t seem like it.)

my husband and i were shopping in one of our cities many trendy chic and extremely expensive grocery stores for a special ingredient for my grandparents’ anniversary dinner. but instead we found rocket popsicle molds. my husband’s favorite color is orange–and though i favored the “star” popsicle molds, i had to admit that the rockets have a certain retro flair. and i feel just a twinge of nostalgia thinking of the hundreds–possibly thousands–of popsicles i ate every summer growing up. and the allure of making delicious popsicles that certainly weren’t full of artificial flavors and chemicals (and that taste good) was certainly tempting.

it’s summer! and i’ve been into eating fresh fruits and vegetables–particularly for dessert. it’s been mild but for a couple days in which complicated tastes and rich flavors were just– too complicated. simple, fresh, delicious was the way to go. so–after having a girlfriend over for a simple dinner, or grilling cuban-inspired pork chops for a pair of great friends, including some perfectly ripe and delicious fruit was a perfect way to enhance the meal.watermelon–grilled peaches–or simple fresh peaches with just-whipped cream (add vanilla and cinnamon and nothing else but a swift drizzle of honey over the peaches)–are delicious. during the winter i forget how good fresh fruit with simple cream is.

but–fresh fruit and cream in frozen rocket ships? amazing. trust me. and simple:

get out your blender

pour yogurt (greek is my favorite) into the blender (or juice, cream, whatever)

add fresh fruits (or frozen) whatever you want

add honey if you have a sweet tooth


pour into molds.



ps. frozen yogurt has fantastic texture.

the rocket ships are made by tovolo a local company. besides the rockets, they have a number of ingenious products–from tea strainers to “wine glass steady sticks” to make enjoying wine on a sandy, surfy, sunny spot a breeze.

happy summer!