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photos courtesy of westport bayside bed & breakfast

my husband and i celebrated our third wedding anniversary with a trip to westport, washington, right on the pacific coast. it was a long drive! but when we pulled off the road into the westport bayside bed and breakfast, it all seemed worth it. the owner, beth, created this restful place in her own home and is dedicated to serving all local, organic foods, as well as creating a restful, and eco-friendly oasis from city life.

the first thing i noticed when i walked in was the tea and coffee service. a coffee pot and electric water kettle with a huge variety of spiced apple ciders, gourmet hot chocolates, and amazing organic teas of every variety you could think of, paired with colorful fiesta ware mugs. after a long drive, a hot, creamy chocolate was perfect to rejuvenate myself. we sat in the cozy common area and sipped in delighted silence.

anticipating the breakfast was one thing (beth offers a number of delightful breakfasts made from local farm produce–lily lane farm, local bakeries–arlan’s oven, and the local sausage maker–bay city sausage), but we went in to check out our room. there are five rooms to stay in, each based on a theme. for example, the captain’s corner has nautical themed furnishings, while the north woods room has a wood cabin flavor. we stayed in the serenity suite, which has a restful, natural, and eastern feel. each room has a matched library to compliment the room’s theme, and ours featured books about philosophy and world religions. we came into chocolate truffles on our pillows, and turkish cotton robes. we shrugged on the robes, and ate the chocolates. our bed had a most luxurious feather topping, and we sank (literally) into it after we kicked off our shoes. we had a view of the horse pasture (the b&b can also accommodate horses) and a view of the bay. we saw the resident deer wandering around.

westport bayside bed and breakfast also has a very friendly, rather needy, resident cat named opie. opie is one of the sweetest cats i’ve encountered–and one of the cleanest. everything was amazingly, spotlessly clean.  before heading out to dinner, we toured the grounds, out into the meadow by the bay, and around into their harmony garden. there is a library of videos in the common living space, and upstairs is another library and sitting area. the deck also offers comfortable chairs and an amazing view.

the first night we were the only guests in the entire place, so we had everything all to ourselves. the ocean is literally a 5 minute drive away, and so we went searching for dinner on the docks. we went out for dinner at the “one-eyed crab”–a restaurant locally known for its award winning clam chowder and wonderful fish and chips. the only thing i thought was lacking was draft beer–especially a stout. completely stuffed, we came home and had herbal tea, and picked out a movie from the wide variety available, and lounged until we fell asleep.

in the morning we had breakfast at 9:00 (which we got to choose since we were the sole guests!). breakfast always starts with fresh coffee, tea, cocoa, or cider. as soon as we woke up we could smell the fresh coffee brewing…it was fabulous. we wandered out and were treated to an amazing yogurt parfait: creamy, rich, yogurt, layered with strawberries, blueberries, grapes and kiwi fruits, and the most perfect, delicious granola. and that was just the first course! after we finished our yogurt, we were brought fluffy belgian waffles, topped with strawberries and whipped cream.

we spent most of the second day at the amazing westport winery–across the street from lily lane farm. and then we hit up the beach to hunt for agates and drink wine. after a long day of wine tasting, and eating, we stopped for dinner, and went home to have hot showers, shrug on turkish cotton robes, and read–just for fun.

the next morning, we met another couple staying upstairs. we started out with the same amazing array of drinks, and yogurt parfait (still delicious!), and then moved on to french toast with cranberry sausages and apple sauce. the french toast was just right–crispy and creamy. the sausage was to die for (so we stopped at bay city sausage on the way home to buy some cranberry sausage), and the apple sauce was perfect for a rainy fall morning.

we had made a lot of plans–go to the cranberry museum, go to the 9-midnight blues festival dance, take surfing lessons, tour the maritime museum and aquarium–but really, what we did was just perfect, a relaxing, wonderful way to celebrate, reconnect, and slow life down–just for the weekend–so we could catch our breath.