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i bought the newlywed kitchen by local lorna yee and ali basye. mostly, i bought it because i enjoy lorna’s column in seattle magazine, and her blog the cookbook chronicles. it’s a pretty cute book–with a newlywed theme (ali basye is an editor for seattle bride). but–it has a really sweet message–that is–the wedding is over, but the love should sustain you–and the food will sustain you too. there are stories from local foodies between recipes–all with advice for cooking with your partner.

but my most favorite thing about this book: the recipes are for 2-4 people.

i’m not someone who typically cooks from a book, but i was pleased to try out the frittata recipe for a saturday morning brunch with two of our great friends (our college english professor and her husband), and their little boy. our professor is a vegetarian, but her little boy loves bacon. so we had fun crafting a menu:

saturday brunch

fresh-baked scones with apricot wine preserves, satsuma vanilla compote, or red raspberry jam

chevre, heirloom tomato & basil frittata (adapted from smoked salmon frittata from the newlywed kitchen)

bacon (we baked it in the oven on a rack–worked really well!)

fresh fruit

new mexican pinion coffee–french pressed

fairmont empress blend tea

la serra moscato d’asti

the frittata was perfect, though we doubled the recipe and baked it a bit before broiling. the jist of the frittata is to beat cream into the eggs while sauteing onions (and tomatoes from our container garden). once sufficiently beaten, pour the eggs directly into the skillet and let the egg mixture set a bit. put fillings directly on top (we used goat cheese and basil leaves) the put the whole thing directly into the oven and broil for a few moments. we used eggs from my mother’s neighbor, and basil from our container garden as well!

the scones were warm and delicious (but next time i will try for the blackberry orange scones in the newlywed kitchen). baking the bacon on a rack was amazing. little mess and no hassle with the flipping at the frying pan. it turned out crispy–and a lot less greasy. we had enough left over for breakfast the following morning as well!

we’ve been so busy i’d forgotten how much i love to cook, serve, and eat food! it felt wonderful to share with our friends.