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since my husband started working we’ve had much less time to eat healthy, homemade meals in the evening. when he was in law school, i would almost always come home each night to a home-cooked dinner and enjoy it with him. now that we’re both gone from home over 60 hours a week, we have been grumbling along on toast, and other quick-to-prepare dinners. my mom doesn’t approve. so she took matters into her own hands and gifted us with a delicious almond pesto. she made the pesto by substituting almonds in for the pine nuts in a traditional pesto recipe.

it was delicious!

so, one night after work, i took out a cast iron pan and toasted some almond slivers. after removing them from the pan, i added in the pesto. once it started to get warm, i added goat cheese and melted it into the pesto until it was smooth and silky. then i added cooked pasta and cooked it all together–and ate it topped with the almonds. it was a very quick, and delicious meal to share. add a glass of dry white wine, and it feels like a luxurious dining experience!

obviously–this could be done with any pre-made, purchased, or other pesto. next time i will add a sprinkle of parmigiana cheese on top!