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새해 복 많이 받으세요!

Happy Lunar New Year: the year of the Rabbit!

last year i passed out iconic red envelopes to my coworkers for the lunar new year, though because they were red, they were wrongly construed as valentines–and possibly the fact that it was the year of the tiger furthered the confusion. we non-Chinese lunar new year observers also take a little objection with the Chinese new year terminology–the event is the new year by a lunar calendar–and therefore not exclusively Chinese.

hugely celebrated in other parts of the world, the lunar new year is an event to dress in traditional clothing, go to cultural performances, and stuff yourself silly on rice cakes, moon cakes, and korean rice-cake-soup. if you’d like to try it, check out this entry from last year about making 떡국 ttŏkkuk. every year i think about having a party to celebrate–just as an excuse to take a trip to the large-scale Asian grocery stores in the area. when i rode the train to work, my transfer bus stop was right in front of a giant Japanese grocery store–with a pan-Asian food court, import book store, and a large home section. i love to drool over the food, and tinker with all the home goods i think i need. i love the bookstore full of cute stationary pens, and wonderful books that are elsewhere unavailable.

next year i vow to wear my 한복 hanbok, and make my husband wear his and have a little party to share my culture with my best friends.