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“Our goal at Honey is simple: provide the most entertaining, most memorable, dazzling dining experience possible…” Honey philosophy

“it’s a love fest” -amy mcatee

images borrowed from: http://thebestoffood.com/content/businesses/honey-doylestown 

we recently took a trip out to visit my husband’s home town for the first time in 4 years. things had changed a bit, and we were happy to spend time with old friends we hadn’t seen since our wedding! and to meet new members of those families that we’ve had to get to know over facebook instead of in person. my husband grew up in a a suburb of philladelphia, in bucks county. his family home is a few moments drive from the township of doylestown, which is a quaint, functional, and adorable walkable village community.

as my husband had recently met the 3-0 milestone head on, my in-laws treated us to a very fancy, very delicious dinner at honey, a new (to us) small-plates boutique bistro in doylestown. honey is family affair–co-owned and run by a husband and wife. they also recently cooked at a james beard house dinner–a smashing success! so you can imagine that it was an honor for us to have them make our dinner. an honor and a delight–because everything was extraordinarily amazing.

first of all, the ambiance at honey is welcoming at warm. it’s comfortable and chic–and puts one in the right frame of mind for tasting and enjoying dinner. while we all left stuffed to the brim, the dinner process was light, and interesting. each dish was sweet and savory and delightfully textured–crunchy and chewy. european preparations with asian flavors and local, seasonal american produce. every bite brought together opposing elements that meshed together amazingly. we sat in a booth that was partitioned by sheer curtains–creating an intimate atmosphere. we discussed each dish, what we liked about it, how it was interesting, and what our favorite piece of it was.

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we ordered some assorted cheeses to start with. we ordered a few small dishes and then everything was coursed out for us by more knowing and refined palates. we were also given creamy asparagus soup as an apériti. halfway through our courses, we were offered savory celery sorbet as a palate cleanser. savory sorbet and ice creams were definitely a theme through the night.

Truffle & Smoke Potato Chips
House Cut Potato Chips, Hickory Smoked Sea Salt,
White Truffle Oil, Chives, Parmesan Fondue

Chinese 5 Spice Sweet Potato Fries 
Soy-Maple & Sweet Chile Sauces

Spring Spring Chicken Flatbread 
Smoked Amish Chicken, Asparagus, Melted Leeks,
Preserved Lemon, Shellbark Farms Goat Cheese,
Fresh Mozzarella, Black Truffle Oil

Fire & Ice 
Chilled Alaskan King Crab, Valencia Orange,
Pickled Daikon, White Miso-Chile Mayonnaise,
Toasted Sesame, Spicy Carrot Sorbet

Tuna Ceviche
Sushi Grade Yellowfin Tuna, Breakfast Radish,
Ruby Grapefruit, Cashews, Chilled Green Tea Noodle

Black Tea Glazed Spare Ribs (pictured above)
Twice Cooked Berkshire Pork Spare Ribs, Pine Nuts,
Toasted Sesame, Spicy Ginger Ice Cream

Forest Mushrooms 
Cast Iron Roasted Wild Mushrooms, Crisp Pork Jowl,
6 Minute Duck Egg, Hollandaise, Oregon Truffle Essence

Raspberry Panna Cotta 
Chocolate Sorbet, Cocoa Nibs,
Toasted Hazelnut Butter, Raspberry Coulis

Callebaut Chocolate Cheesecake
Black Cherry-Cabernet Compote,
Crushed Marcona Almonds, Vanilla Sea Salt

image borrowed from: http://www.suburbanlifemagazine.com/articles/?articleid=183  

amy and joe mcatee are an amazing and successful pair. amy chatted with us about their experiences at the james beard house, and sent us gratis desserts to mark the occasion–even though we had passed because we were so full, once we tasted we all made room to devour the desserts. my favorite dish, i have to say, while everything was amazing were the black tea spare ribs. the savory/spicy ice cream with the richness of the meat and the delicate flavor of the tea are not flavors i might have paired on my own–but it worked better than almost anything i’ve ever tasted.

it was an experience i will never forget. and for as long as honey is in doylestown when we come home, we’ll mark each trip with a return.