sometimes, change terrifies me. but sometimes it is a welcome relief. sometimes i dread it, sometimes i look forward to it, sometimes i find myself indifferent.

but, leaving home is always bittersweet for me. i have left under happy circumstances, simple convenience, and once in a very bad way. i connect to the space around me and draw identity from that. i live here, in this neighborhood–so i am a person from here. this defines me. helps me to relate to the community, city, and world. i think of my neighborhood as my home. and now i am leaving it.

i love my little neighborhood where my husband and i started our life together. i have been there for five years. the coffee shop down the street is where i wrote my master’s thesis. the grocery store is where i bought fresh fruit for special occasion brunches. i walk past the boutiques and public art every day.

i will miss…
…the water
…the statue of lenin
…the rocket ship
…the sunday market
…the little boutique where i have bought all my friends gifts for their new babies
…the coffee shop on the corner
…staring at the hand-made jewelry in the shop on the way home
…the sound of the bridge going up at night
…the lights on the hill in the view out my window
…sitting on my balcony on saturday morning with tea and enjoying my container garden
…friends that are also neighbors
…the video store, record store, and book store that left before i did
…walking to the british pub to watch soccer
…the lemon-rice soup at my favorite greek restaurant
…walking 30 paces to the best indian food i’ve ever eaten
…living next to my father and brother’s favorite diner because they come visit me to eat there
…a thai restaurant on every block (or two)
…walking to outdoor movies in the summer
…walking to my chocolatier
…walking home from work on sunny days
…happy hour at the sushi joint
…living in our first little home together.

but i am heading off to a mid-century brick building filled with light, white oak floors, a cabinet for milk deliver, and a vintage 50’s kitchen. no balcony but a beautiful flower garden. and i will still have markets, coffee shops, pubs, and even a new indian restaurant and greek restaurant to try out. a new adventure 40 blocks north. it will be good.