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oh yes. after years of coveting the trophy of all kitchen appliances i was finally the proud owner of an apple green kitchen aid stand mixer. and, about a year later, i gave my husband a gift and a subtle hint: the ice cream maker attachment and making artisan gelato by torrance kopfer. but it was winter. and our freezer was full. etc. etc. etc.

now we’re in the midst of a consummate pacific northwest summer. it’s beautiful out. on the lovely days, i walk outside in cotton summer dresses and feel the summer embrace me in one giant, pleasant, warm hug.  it’s wonderful.

and a wonderful part of summer, as i’ve pointed out previously, is the ice cream.

having moved into a new neighborhood, i’ve no longer got several gourmet gelato shops in walking distance. an ice cream parlor is opening sometime this summer down the way–and that will be fun to try. but lately the mad science of experimentation with our new toy is frankly too tempting. there is nothing like sitting in the grass outside and eating our own sorbetto. or serving it in saucer champagne glasses to our family and friends.

one thing to note: making frozen confections in our ice cream maker is not a spur of the moment possibility. the attachment has to be frozen for 15 hours, and the mix refrigerated for 8. that being said, the ability to control the quality of the contents, as well as the level of fats and sugars, is a pretty handy thing. plus, it’s not super often that one gets to eat fresh ice cream, sorbetto or gelato. and, for whatever reason, despite being somewhat easier to make than pies, or tarts, or cakes, people are really impressed when you serve them home-made ice cream.

we started our foray into ice cream parloring with an easy classic, meyer lemon sorbet.  my husband juiced 12 lemons by hand, and zested half of them. the end result was that my mother’s family, who normally don’t like sweets, couldn’t get enough! we served in cordial glasses with a limoncello topper and my london street market antique teaspoons.

could anything taste more like summer than lemon sorbet?

1 cup water

1 cup sugar

2 cups meyer lemon juice (12 or so meyer lemons)

zest of six meyer lemons

reduce the sugar and water into a syrup by cooking until sugar dissolves and letting boil for 1 min.

remove from heat and add the juice and lemon zest.

cool for 8 hours in refrigerator.

after freezing ice cream attachment for 15 hours, add the cooled mixture to your ice cream maker and process for 20 mins.

transfer to a freezer safe container and freeze with plastic wrap on top.

enjoy with limoncello and mint leaves!

serve in pretty stemware with tiny silver teaspoons.