image from the seattle times:

Subject: Prevent Metro Transit Cuts in King County, WA

Due to declines in tax revenues, King County Metro will have to cut public transit services by 17% unless the King County Council votes to implement a two-year $20 congestion reduction charge on vehicle licenses. The choice is clear – ask drivers to pay less than the cost of a tank of gas so that public transit can continue to serve those who rely on it to get to work, serve those with limited mobility, and allow us all to lower pollution & traffic congestion. We urge the King County Council to do the right thing and approve the congestion charge now!

So I signed a petition to Bob Ferguson, King County Councilmember, Larry Gossett, King County Councilmember, Kathy Lambert, King County Councilmember, Larry Phillips, King County Councilmember, Julia Patterson, King County Councilmember, Jane Hague, King Conuty Councilmember, Pete von Reichbauer, King County Councilmember, Joe McDermott, King County Councilmember and Reagan Dunn, King County Councilmember, which says:

“We value King County Metro service and do not want to see it cut. Please use the $20 congestion charge option to keep services running and keep King County green.”

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