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lavender’s blue, lavender’s green, when i am king, you shall be queen. who told you so? who told you so? twas my own heart that told me so. call up your men! set them to work! some with a rake, some with a fork. some to rake hay, some to thresh corn, while you and i keep ourselves warm. lavender’s green, lavender’s blue, if you love me, i will love you. let the birds sing, let the lambs play, we shall be safe, out of harm’s way. i love to dance, i love to sing, when i am queen, you’ll be my king. who told me so? who told me so? i told myself. i told me so.

lavender flowers are one of the truly wonderful parts of summer. during this nasty, rainy, straight from winter to fall weather, our tomatoes won’t grow, our flowers mold, and summer vegetation is generally unhappy. but the lavender’s going wild!

i had lunch with an old friend a few days ago. she’s a master gardener who keeps a fantastic and wonderful garden. despite the lack of sunlight this summer, her garden keeps trudging along. at lunch she gifted me with a bouquet of fresh, wonderfully smelling, lavender. one of my favorite gifts!

i use lavender for all kinds of things. obviously it is great in lotions, soaps, etc. i keep sachets of it is my closet and bathroom. i have lavender sugar and lavender pepper for cooking with. lavender sugar goes well with almost anything (especially citrus!) and the pepper is really good on pork! i use lavender syrup in champagne cocktails and to drink in sparkling water. and my favorite cupcake of all time is lavender! a local tea shop carries lavender earl gray tea–amazing! i once had a lavender-honey cheesecake at a lovely high-school friend’s dinner party. it was fantastic! i’ve added lavender to my lemon tea cakes.

lavender is wonderfully diverse…and yet many people don’t think about eating it! upon giving me the lavender, my friend also sent me a recipe for lavender shortbread. i can’t wait to try it out! even without the sun, i can sit at home on a rainy july afternoon sipping tea and munching on lavender shortbread..and still at least taste summer if i can’t feel it!