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image borrowed from: http://www.vashonhistory.com/

another year has flown by, and i can’t believe it! that makes 4 since the day my husband and i were married. it doesn’t seem all that long ago, yet in some ways, it feels like ages. we’ve both grown and changed… and both grateful that our relationship has grown and changed to accommodate who we are individually.

image borrowed from: http://vashonmap.com/

this year we’re continuing to explore our home region and going to places that (especially i, as a northwesterner for 24 years) we have little excuse to not have gone to. we’re looking for a relaxing adventure, a change of pace, some beautiful vistas, good eats, and a little wine.

and, as much as i love the city–a little absence makes the heart grow fonder.

so here’s to a weekend full of famer’s markets, museums, square dancing lessons, live big-band music, quaint bed & breakfasts, boat rides, and bicycling to mark 4 years of love, compromise, change, growth, disappointment, elation, adventure, and double-love we’ve shared!

i can’t wait!