photo by marcus donner

yikes! my blogging has been sporadic at best and completely neglectful to be more honest.

and, to be quite honest, my “everyday life” philosophy has lately taken a back seat to a number of life changes, which all require a bit of detailed and projected planning.

for example, my husband and i are expecting a little boy at the end of summer! another example: to accommodate said little boy we are moving out of our lovely, light-filled apartment in our lovely, laid back neighborhood and trying out a new lifestyle.

so many decisions have to be made before we can really see the full impact of what we’re planning to do. eating restrictions and general fatigue have made it difficult to pursue the hobbies that normally ground me in the moment: eating, cooking, baking, experimenting, cafe-people-watching…

but–this is my challenge! staying grounded and true to what i believe in. building a home and a life-style i can love in a new kind of neighborhood–a brick row house with neighbors on both sides, near a little park–and with a tiny, tiny kitchen. balancing life with new challenges and adventures. and my blog is meant to be a reminder of all these things: the thousand little details that make up a life–the details that are usually are lost in the annals of a lifetime.

there are fun things, of course, life has been full of the love and support of friends, celebrations, and the cutest baby clothes i’ve ever seen. i still meet my friends and girlfriends to exchange our woes and rejoice in our successes. and of course, the excitement to meet BBK (our impending new family member).

so here’s a mid-year resolution–a recommitting to the things that have been important to me, which grounded me and kept me balanced!