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among the delights of summer were picnics to the woods {beach} –georg brandes

it’s finally, finally, finally summer. the sun is shining down on us, light streams through my curtains every morning, and my walk to my office each morning is pleasant and fresh. the air is full of energy. it’s lovely.

so it’s time to move life outdoors! in this city there’s guilt associated with wasting a sunny day indoors, so i was excited to learn that one of the many perks of choosing a midwife for my prenatal care was that she was amenable to meeting me for my prenatal appointment at a local beach for a summer picnic/barbecue!

my husband and i packed our wicker picnic basket and filled it with wild alaskan salmon fillets, sparkling water, chilled white wine, fresh dill and lemons, and a giant yellow bowl full of barley salad. he packed up the grill and we headed to the beach.  when we arrived, we got the grill smoking and anchored our blankets in the sand with beach rocks, watching the tide come in. the day was perfect, not too warm or cool, and clear so the mountains were strikingly visible.

summer beach grilled salmon

what you need: any number of individual salmon fillets | tin foil | fresh lemon | fresh dill | olive oil | salt | pepper

season the fillets with salt and pepper, then drizzle olive oil

place a large amount of fresh dill and a lemon round (sliced) on each fillet.

wrap the fillets in tin foil

grill until fully cooked (but be careful when opening!)

wrapping the salmon in the foil keeps them very moist. we ate them with the breeze of the waves blowing on us while the sun was preparing to set. a second course was a mixture of barley, chick peas, raw cucumber and carrots, with fresh mozzarella cheese. i cooked the barley in my rice cooker with chicken stock instead of water. then i seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and olive oil. when the barley cooled, i added chopped cucumbers and carrots, as well as quartered “cherry sized” mozzarella balls.

a third course–greens salad with amazingly delicious cucumbers and a delicious balsamic vinegar (and fresh mangoes) came with my midwife and her husband.

after the prenatal exam and dinner, the tide came in so far we thought we’d have to high tail it out of there, but just as we were thinking about moving, it started to retreat again. which was perfect so we could sit on the shore and watch the sun turn red and sink into the waves.

welcome summer.