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the end result: scone-topped strawberry-rhubarb bake

every season brings delights, doubtless. in the fall i love making big dinners with starchy side dishes, baking cookies in the winter, and grilling in the summer. but i look forward to rhubarb every spring.

maybe because it’s so pretty. or looks like ruby celery. or because it’s delicious. or different. or that it seems uniquely american. whatever the reason is, i love working with it.

a major limiting factor to my experimentation these days is my little son. at nine months old he is into everything, and grabs faster than i can intercept! even with him in a sling, baking is a tough. he is curious about everything, and obsessed with food (like my husband and i)!

the little one is into everything!

the little one is into everything!

but, not wanting to be cheated out of rhubarb season, i tried to come up with something easier than a pie, and fast. so, i processed the rhubarb (i love to put it in a bright green bowl):


and cooked it with:

.25 cup water | 3 tablespoons all purpose flour | .75 cup sugar

once it had reduced some, i added 2 lbs of strawberries and cooked it together:

SAMSUNGi love the fabulous color! it is such a delight to eat such pretty things! after cooking i put the whole mixture into a large roasting pan. then i mixed together my favorite go-to scone mix! (fisher fair scone mix has never let me down!) and dropped patted rounds of it on top. i got the idea from biscuit-topped chicken pie recipes.


then i baked at 375 degrees until the rhubarb was bubbly and the scones were golden!


okay, not the most elegant, not the most beautiful: but rustic, quick, easy and delicious. not overly sweet and suitable for breakfast (not just dessert!).

and my rhubarb mission: successfully completed!