I think a lot, anymore, about what makes a place with living in, what makes a place home. not a particular domicile, but a space or community.

is it the walkable cafe? proximity to work? friendly neighbors, local park, community programs? the presence of friends and family I’m the community?

for me there is a very specific, but a bit unnameable quality that makes a place feel worth calling home. and I can show you:


I pass this flower stand every Saturday on my way to a class. I love the wonderful people ergo came up with the idea of sharing the beauty of their garden abd asking that each person decide the value. as someone currently without the space to grow my own daliahs, I appreciate this service. as do many others as I often notice the depleted supply pin my way home.



with these lovely libraries popping up everywhere, I was so excited to see one close to home. I live the idea of combining a passion for the written word, to preserving books as a printed medium, to promoting community literacy.


part of the qualities needed for a good home certainly include passion for beauty and books…seeing these so openly valued make me feel ever more cozy in my “home.”