5in this blog i have often extolled the greatness of fisher’s scone mix. i love this stuff! since my last scone mix adventure (rhubarb bake), i’ve been experimenting with other applications and have somewhat perfected the use of scone mix as a topping for a quickie cobbler. this summer i’ve made a number of berry/fruit concoctions. my favorite has been a peach berry.


everyone, it seems, was obsessed with peaches this summer (the en vouge fruit, i suppose) and so it was very on trend to start with a giant delicious peach from over the mountains, then add whatever berries you’ve got (i tried raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, mixes of berries, strawberries…). dust each layer of fruit with a bit of sugar.


then i drop the scone mix on (for a 9 inch pie pan, i use half a box of mix). a thinner layer seems to work out better. then brush with an egg wash and sprinkle some chunkier sugar on top (i used raw sugar).4

bake, serve and consume. making these are so easy and they look so pretty! in my child-induced exhaustion, i feel great about baking these and taking them to parties. 1

i also tried a savory version with a chicken pie filling…delicious! i did the egg wash and sprinkled chunky salt and rosemary instead of sugar. the scone mix is versatile and it was as perfect with savory as it was with sweet! and so fast, and it looks so pretty! i tried rectangular bakers, but the round ones just make it work. and so much faster/easier than a real pie, and totally doable with even a tiny kid pulling on your legs all day.