my mother is having a garage sale and asked me to go through all the boxes of things i’ve saved from girlhood. i had such a lovely time taking a look at all of my things–touching them was like connecting with my past and reaching out to the little girl i used to be–which maybe seemed all the more real since i have a child of my own. i had a good time laughing with my mom, trying to remember why i had saved certain objects–and with certain objects (an address book with geese on the front, for example) i can absolutely remember when and where i got it…i used to carry it around in my purse and hand it around to people i met, asking them to write down their address for me…so it was full of different inks and handwriting, and residences of people i haven’t seen for decades.


among the treasures, i found my 4th grade school bag–a vintage esprit canvas tote–which i am planning to use as my summer handbag–i ran it through the wash and it is hang drying in my kitchen as i type this!

i also found a painstakingly kept collection of tiny hello kitty notebooks that were barely used or unused–along with a bunch of other sanrio accoutrements , a pencil box with orca whales on the front, a porcelain strawberry shortcake trinket box, an old merry-go-round music box that is quite broken, a box of sweet pickles educational cards, a chipped tea set, a bear with a hot pink bikini-wedding dress-and tea dress, tiny little purses i remember buying and using in early early childhood…and many other things.

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of these, i saved a recorder, flute, and the tote bag. and many of the things i put out for the garage sale–but there were some things that i couldn’t bear to sell for a few cents, and i didn’t feel compelled to keep–but i wouldn’t throw away. so i boxed up a few of the nicer things and gifted them to a friend’s daughter…this friend is someone who really values vintage and i knew she would appreciate it, and so i was tickled that the pencil case i gifted to her young daughter–one of my little son’s friends–is apparently selling on ebay for over $100. that being said, the one being sold is new. but seeing all these treasures from my childhood labeled as vintage really made me giggle.


it was so fun to see them again, and to let them go. to share them with someone who will get real joy out of them.